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From the desk of Chuck Sekeres...
President and CEO of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers®

I would like to personally welcome you to Physicians Weight Loss Centers® and Physicians Weight Loss Centers® Online. We have nearly a quarter century of experience working to help people lose excess weight, and we are excited to be able to share this experience and weight loss success with you through our new website. As a visitor to this new site, we hope you gain a better understanding of all the things we do at Physicians Weight Loss Centers to help promote a healthier lifestyle through proper weight management. Over one and a half million dieters, just like you, have achieved tremendous success on our weight loss and weight management programs.

We are happy to share with you some of the secrets of why our diets are so effective. We realize that not every person responds to the same diet in the same way, or loses weight at the same rate. That's why we have developed 6 distinct and effective weight loss systems to meet different lifestyle needs. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers, we take the time to teach you good eating habits that will last a lifetime. You will learn how to make wise nutritional choices that will help you easily make the transition from your weight loss program into everyday eating, to help you keep off those excess pounds and inches. At Physicians Weight Loss Centers, we offer everything you need to help you lose your excess weight and keep it off. We have developed a comprehensive approach to weight management. Everyone at Physicians Weight Loss Center receives a personalized Consultation/Review before we work together to help match the program that best fits his or her lifestyle. And everyone at Physicians Weight Loss Center receives a personal weight loss plan. Our flexible meal plans give you choices so that you can manage your diet with ease. Dining out and special events are a welcome part of our weight management program, not a curse.

In addition, we have developed 150 highly specialized food, nutrition and weight loss products to help make this the easiest and most effective weight loss and weight management program for you. All of our products play a significant role in the victories of our dieters. Many of these extraordinary products are exclusively formulated for Physicians Weight Loss Centers to significantly impact your weight loss. Just visit our online diet store on this web site and you'll see. We also offer structured behavioral guidance classes in our licensed centers and informational cassettes available through our online diet store to help teach you how to think thin, develop better eating habits, and help develop a positive attitude to bring out the best in you.

Our counselors at Physicians Weight Loss Centers are some of the best in the industry. Many have been through our programs as clients, so they have gained a unique understanding and empathy that enables them to effectively support, guide, and encourage you all the way to your goal weight. We offer ongoing certification training classes for our counselors, so you can feel comfortable knowing that these professionals have access to all the latest information necessary to help you lose your weight safely and effectively.

We have licensed centers across the country dedicated to helping you develop a healthier lifestyle by losing unwanted pounds and excess inches. However, ff there is no Physicians Weight Loss Center near you, we have a new program called Physicians Weight Loss Centers® Online. In the comfort of your own home, through the technology of the internet, you can now join Physicians Weight Loss Centers Online and receive the same programs, products and services that you have come to expect in our licensed centers, with slight adaptations for internet use. Your confidential online medical history and weight loss profile will be automatically assessed by our-state-of-art computer program developed by our medical department. To help provide you with a safe, healthy weight loss program, our board certified physician will then personally review your online medical history and weight loss profile. Choose one of our unique and highly effective weight loss programs and begin taking advantage of weekly weigh-ins, weekly meal plans, specially developed high quality protein nutritional supplements, and our expanded weight loss and nutritional products. Our special support system is available to you through our online information center, which includes message boards, chat rooms, e-mails, fax lines, 800 help lines and more. So, if there is no Physicians Weight Loss Center near you, join us online today. Let Physicians Weight Loss Centers become your trusted online medical weight loss center.

If you have ever been interested in helping people lose weight, improve their health, and feel better about themselves, then you may be interested in our franchise business opportunity. Our franchise network has been built by past clients and people just like you. In addition to our strong franchise opportunities, we offer a "Distinctly for Physicians" program, a unique business opportunity that is designed to compliment an existing medical practice. This program is available to licensed Physicians, MD's, DO's, and DC's who qualify. This allows the medical professionals to add a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers right into their current practice with minimal start up costs. Look for these business opportunities on our home page

Thank you for visiting our website. We are glad you are here. And from all of us here at Physicians Weight Loss Centers...we wish you, and all those close to you, the best in health.

Charles E. Sekeres
President, Founder
Physicians Weight Loss Centers of America, Inc.®